December 31, 2009

First diet day here , 1825th in real life.

Personnally, I'm really good at not eating all day , then , going home and binging like CRAZYYY then staying in the bathroom for 1h trying to puke ,then ,realizing i'm not gonna puke because for some reasons my body is stupid , then , eating a half-box of laxatif and crying in my bed for my lack of will-power.....


I started this cookie diet, (aka as smart for life).
I'm suppose to eat 1 cookie every 2hour and then a meal for dinner. (Chicken and veggy)
Everycookie have 105 calories of protein and 4% of fat.
Basically your always stuff because of the protein so you don't have to think about cheating/binge.

Okay now , the thing is , those cookie are 1) disgusting 2) expensive 3) too rich for me.
So i'm eat 2 or 3 during the day (instead of 6 like i'm suppose too) and then I go home and very often I binge.....

3 diet cookies ( 315 cal)
Going for dinner later with my bf.... we'll see.

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