January 13, 2010


So I started to go to the gym ,
Monday I did a tonus class (45 min) and a step class ( 30 min)
Tuesday I did kick boxing (50 minutes) and today Ill go do a 55 min step class.
I was at 130 pounds on monday but i'm always moving between 130 and 134....

My diet was going reallyyy good (always under 600) but now that I start moving around i'm ALWAYS hungry and I have big trouble fighting against it. I need to come back to the right track =(

January 7, 2010


Like I said in my previous post, I started excercises every night (the bootcamp training from pro-ana nation)
I was doing really good and then my boyfriend bought the Wii Fit ... i'm addicted already. =)
So now I"m doing 30 minutes per night (=100 cal) , I'm still doing my abs excercises every night and next week (tuesday) i'm starting to go back to the gym 3 times a week.

Tuesday -Kickboxing
Wednesday - Step aerobic
Friday - Boot camp

I'm really excited!!! Yeahhh !!
I used to do any sport , nothing... not even walking across the street so i'm really pround.

January 4, 2010


Diet Pills

Yeserday, I bought 2 new diet pills.

- SlimQuick 6 ways with green tea
- Alinea Burn fat

Somebody have comments on those ??


My boyfriend need to fast for the next 2 days because of a medical operation tomorrow. So i'll try to reduce my cal intake considarably to encourage him.
Yesterday was the tradionnal italian family dinner in his family and cheated a lot so I need to make up.
I'm also freaking out because I gained 4 pounds since yesterday (is that even possible???)
Anyway I havent eat yet , good thing. The problem for me is always the evening so we'll see...


January 2, 2010

Drop Dead Diva

Just discoverd this TV show yesterday. It's my new inspiration.

The show tells the story of a shallow model-in-training who dies in a sudden accident only to find her soul resurfacing in the body of a brilliant, thoughtful and plus-size attorney.

This show is really funny and in the few first episodes you see her best friend (who is still a hot model) exercise and do diet ,etc.

You can watch all the episode online here : www.sidereel.com/drop_dead_diva


♥♥ Exercises and diet pills ♥♥

Like i said in previous post , I'm really lazy. I never did spot in my whole life. I decided to fight my brain and to start doing excercises because, I don't want to be skinny-fat or just skinny, I want to be fit and firm, like a Victoria's secret model ♥

So, I found this 'mini boot-camp' do to at home, on Pro-ana nation's website. Here is the link:
I'm planing on doing it everynight. Yesterday I do the whole program one time and I was pretty tired after (please not that i'm in a BAD SHAPE , i NEVER did sport in my life.)
You're supposed to do it 2-3 times but I did each excercises for 1min instead of 45sec.

The bad part is that before doing my excercises I took my diet pills , instead of taking 2 like usual I made a mistake (??god knows why??) I took 3 instead. I swear I pass the rest of the evening on the couch thinking I was about to die , I was REALLY dizzy and that's why I ate an extra apple.

So girls , be careful with strong diet pills =(