January 2, 2010

♥♥ Exercises and diet pills ♥♥

Like i said in previous post , I'm really lazy. I never did spot in my whole life. I decided to fight my brain and to start doing excercises because, I don't want to be skinny-fat or just skinny, I want to be fit and firm, like a Victoria's secret model ♥

So, I found this 'mini boot-camp' do to at home, on Pro-ana nation's website. Here is the link:
I'm planing on doing it everynight. Yesterday I do the whole program one time and I was pretty tired after (please not that i'm in a BAD SHAPE , i NEVER did sport in my life.)
You're supposed to do it 2-3 times but I did each excercises for 1min instead of 45sec.

The bad part is that before doing my excercises I took my diet pills , instead of taking 2 like usual I made a mistake (??god knows why??) I took 3 instead. I swear I pass the rest of the evening on the couch thinking I was about to die , I was REALLY dizzy and that's why I ate an extra apple.

So girls , be careful with strong diet pills =(


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