January 1, 2010

♥♥ First day of my thinnest year ♥♥

January 1st , it's a new year. It's the perfect time to start fresh.

Okay , it's true, I say that because I feel guilty... I cheated last time , BIG TIME. I had a slice of chicken pizza and like french fries... it's ridiculous how I have to control during the holidays, I really need to stay on track.

To punished myself I did some excercises. I'm lazy and I hate sport so it was a really big challenge for me. I did crushes and jumping jack like crazy... my bf thought i took speed because I was running around all night long. After we did wresling on the bed until I was not able to breath no more, kind of a good cardio I think.

I really need to get my shit together and start fresh so I only had one of my cookie diet this morning and I'm not gonna eat until dinner tonight, probably a little salad.

1 diet Cookie : 105 cal
2 green apple: 170 cal
1/2 tuna can(in water) : 90 cal
10 aspargus : 80 cal
1 mini cucumber: 10 cal
Total: 455 cal

This morning I woke up with really bad cramp, I was crying. My bf was mad because he knew the pain was from the excess of elax I had yesterday night...whatever I thought I lost 2 pounds after going to the bathroom 5 times but when I weight myself I was horrified to see that I gained 2 pounds , I wanted to die , seriously... now i'm 134 pounds , it's gross, the worst is my bf grabbing my thight and saying ''ummm I like that meat'' like an animal... I almost
Here's a picture of Victoria's secret model boot camp...

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  1. It's so much harder to restrict what you eat on holidays (especially around Christmas time) that's when I started to binge really badly, but the new year is definately the best time to start afresh! I would kill to see exactly what the VS angel's eat and the amount of exercise they do.. I need to go on that bootcamp haha. Stay strong girl! xx

    P.S I totally get what you mean about the bf stuff.. I can't wait until I actually feel confident about my body around my bf...