January 7, 2010


Like I said in my previous post, I started excercises every night (the bootcamp training from pro-ana nation)
I was doing really good and then my boyfriend bought the Wii Fit ... i'm addicted already. =)
So now I"m doing 30 minutes per night (=100 cal) , I'm still doing my abs excercises every night and next week (tuesday) i'm starting to go back to the gym 3 times a week.

Tuesday -Kickboxing
Wednesday - Step aerobic
Friday - Boot camp

I'm really excited!!! Yeahhh !!
I used to do any sport , nothing... not even walking across the street so i'm really pround.


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  2. I love the Wii Fit too! I just got the Wii Fit Plus for Christmas and I am addicted to it! The Wii Fit Plus actually tells you how many calories you burned. I like excerising on the wii because it's funner and time consuming.